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Realization of Sponsors Dream…
What dominates the mind of every participant sponsor is whether any exhibition will give them an opportunity to impress the visitors & thereby making them ever fuel customers. CONFAIR can achieve this goal comprehensively. So apart from the massive strength of our 1100 members, in our past history of CONFAIR 75,000 foot prints 150 crores of business turn over has of now from our periodical survey. This year we are expecting 100 virtual associations & one lakh potential business visitors from construction industry International wide.
Also the voluminous CODISSIA Trade Fair Centre willingly accommodates any volume of visitors with amazing ease. The purpose of CONFAIR is to bring the customers & Vendors together, to get the best deals & expose them to the best technology. We did this year after year we intend to do it in a grandure level now. Therefore this is the right opportunity to grab! And remember profits are not created without exposing your products, your require customers that is the point and CONFAIR will be assured platform to achieve this. If you are associated with Civil Engineering Industry be sure to sign up for a stall. You never know who is going to give you the next jackpot deal.

CONFAIR - 2020

President Message

It's my pleasure of expression that relationship, welfare service, commitment and hard dedications are main moto of my tenure. COCENA has achieved a great records of massive project turn over by our members since our inception of past 13 years. Also we assure to say that we are a optimised platform & pioneering in retail construction industry world wide. I ensure CONFAIR 2020 will serve as the potential business hub of national & international construction industry to promote your product in the right place to the right people in a right occasion, so its my warm welcome to all our industry mates to impress your foot print in CONFAIR 2020 and enlist yours with good book of COCENA family.

Er. S.P. Saravanan
CONFAIR - 2020

Chairman BIP Message

The term relationship is vital tool & trust to success of any business. In this tenure of COCENA we have strongly adopt this policy of relationship development in all dimension with industry. Like wise in the Era of Globalisation & Digitalisation, the Term Branding and Its promotion is a vital need and Mandatory to the one who wish to be success in the journey of any business. COCENA always persist the policy to drive in a right direction & steps forward in all its proceedings and activities. That is always an inspiration to our industry mates. The CONFAIR 2016 & 2018 are great evidence of this flagship. so we strongly insist each and every vendor of our industry to envisage their challengeable business to be tremendous success with the virtual tool of BIP (Brand image promotion).
So we ensure that "CONFAIR 2020" will be the potential & prestigious platform to promote your business encounter. Hope you all utilise this fabulous opportunity to make great and grand success and reach the epitome in your business.

Er. S. Alwar Babuji

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